Full Tune

For local MN / western WI customers or those willing to drive - Check out our Mail Order Tune or Remote Tuning options if you're not local.

For those looking to maximize horsepower and torque along with improving fuel economy and component longevity.

Services performed during a complete tune

  • Desired fan activation temperature (to reduce operating temperature)
  • Torque management modifications (improves throttle response and overall performance)
  • Remove, alter and modify codes (for cat-delete cars)
  • Speedometer calibration (for gear and tire height changes)
  • Desired idle speed (for long duration "lopey" cams)
  • Skip shift function removed
  • Shift points optimized
  • Shift pressure/speed adjusted (faster shifting)
  • Injector size changes
  • Complete Air/fuel table optimization for maximum HP/Torque and fuel economy
  • Complete Timing table optimization for maximum HP/Torque and fuel economy
  • Includes hookup of a wideband AFR sensor to help optimize fueling tables
  • Idle tuning for large duration/overlap camshafts

Before leaving your vehicle with us, please...

  • Full tank of fuel, must use fuel that vehicle will be operated with
  • Let up know if we need to changover the fuel type (race gas/E85/pump)
  • Inspect all fluid levels and conditions (coolant, transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid)
  • No fluid leaks - If you're having problems, make sure to let us know in the "issues" field
  • Wheel lock key available
  • O2 sensor or bung cracked loose
  • Healthy battery

Once you complete payment...

  1. You will receive an email from paypal confirming payment
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the tuning appointment

Note:Tune pricing varies with vehicle & mods. We try our best to provide a simple, up-front price, but highly modified, forced induction and nitrous applications may require additional payment.

List any relevant mods, for more information on modifications please reference our modification form.

Tell us about any issues you're currently having - problems in your current tune, fluid leaks, clutch slipping - anything we should know.

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