Jacks 11 CTS-V

Jack had brought us his super clean 11 V wagon after he had a 9.55" lower pulley and Airrad intake performed at another shop. He was dissatisfied with the shift quality, dragstrip performance and overall feel. The best the car could muster was a 12.2X @ 116 mph. We started by removing the supercharger inlet to replace the spring loaded isolator with a solid unit. At the same time we removed the stock upper pulley and installed a 2.65". After tuning and the new upper pulley the car went 11.38 @ 121mph. Overall we gained nearly a full second in ET and 5 MPH.

Update: Late in the season Jack opted to have us install a flex fuel kit along with FIC1000cc injectors. The car picked up over 40whp and 50 ft/lbs of torque on E75 over 92 octane fuel. Dragstrip times will be coming in the spring.

Work Done

  • FIC1000cc injectors
  • CJTunes FF kit
  • Airaid intake
  • 9.55 Lower/ 2.65" upper pulley


  • Pump Gas: 543whp/537 ft/lbs
  • E85: 590whp/592ft/lbs

Car is completely different after tuning and cleaning up a couple of issues. It performs better than I ever expected.